Welcome to Aquaria Australia Warehouse

Your aquarium supplies specialists.

We have an extensive range of aquarium supplies catering to both the marine and freshwater hobbiest alike. Recently, in response to customer demand, we’ve expanded our
product range to cater for the “footed” and “winged” pet owner.

As an aquarium mail order company we’re able offer great pricing due to our bulk-buying capacity and low overheads.

Shipping is one low rate Australia wide $6.00 for up to $120 for dry goods order.
Live Fish order with or without dry goods $15.94
Orders $120 and over are shipped free freight Australia wide including live fish.

In the aquarium hobby the true experts are those who acknowledge that there are no experts only researchers and innovators. That is what being an aquarium hobbyist is all about…researching. This site assumes the hobbyist has done their research and in coming here knows what aquarium supplies he/she wants. This is not an information site or a chat room; it is a product site. Each item includes a description and user information. We have more then 90% of products in stock at all times. You will be notified of any out of stocks upon ordering. This includes many popular every day items plus an exciting specialty range of aquarium supplies. The focus is on the needs of Todays Marine And Reef
hobbyists while also catering for the interests of Dynamic Freshwater Aquaria.

Aquaria Australia Warehouse – your aquarium supplies specialists.